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Eltete new products and innovations

Our product development has always been inspired by customer needs. Today our customers need more sustainable packaging solutions, which are 100% recyclable. We can answer to this demand. Check out the pdf where you can find case studies of the new solutions we have created for toilet seats, compressors and rolls.
Lavaratkaisut Liukulava

Slip sheet - palletless handling

80% savings in material cost and 15% savings in shipping cost, this is what palletless handling can provide you. Slip Sheet is a new product for many companies even though it has been used in the market for many years now. Let us make you a cost calculation. Savings are huge!

Lava-alusta ja EdgeRunner

Pallet base ja EdgeRunner

In this solution the sides give excellent support to the products and good strapping protection.
Stanssattu hunajakennopahvi

Die-cut honeycomb board

By die-cutting the honeycomb board we can now offer new type of corner protection, cushioning material, product beds and dividers. This 100 % recyclable solution can replace for example EPS in packaging.


Self-adhesive FlatRunner can easily be placed under any product, box or a display. You can now replace your traditional pallet and start using less material with a strong alternative pallet solution.
Framecut profiili

FrameCut Profile

Packaging profile with a V-cut in the corners for conversion to a frame, collar, lid or top according to your needs. It supports the overall packaging, and gives extra protection and stability.


The self-adhesive BoxRunners transform your box into a pallet, making the handling and transportation easier, faster and more economical. Just attach to the bottom of a box or a display and it’s ready to go!

TheBox Side Walls

The Box -side walls

The Box-side walls and corner locks made out of honeycomb board and packaging profiles can be used in combination with Eltete PallRuns® and top deck or with a multitude of other pallet- and cover solutions. Protected EU design.


It is a slotted U-Profile which can be tailor-made according to the size of the product to be protected. The shape protects from 3 sides and adapts to any size of product.
Display profiili

Display profile

It is used as reinforcement in carton displays and is an alternative to wooden and metal profiles. Single-material shop displays are becoming very popular as an environmentally-friendly product.

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