Perfect ‘shock absorber’ for your products

Our U-profiles are sustainably designed to offer optimal transport protection to all three sides of goods preventing scratches and damage from impacts, shocks, and vibrations. Protecting goods with U-profile means protection with minimum extra volume and weight to the load. Versatile and 100% recyclable carton board protection is an ideal eco-friendly solution for multiple applications.
Motto 3R-Reduce, Replace, Recycle
Reduce your carbon emissions with sustainable packaging

Benefits of U-profile

  • Easy to be recycled with any other carton material
  • Reduction of carbon emissions
  • Lightweight allows a fast and easy application
  • Goods are protected while held together
  • Two U-Profiles turn into an optimal transport box for short or long goods
  • Easy application with pressing effect
  • Tailor-made protection for uneven shapes
  • Shock absorber for door openings, stairs, or fragile equipment during renovation
  • Printing option allows branding the packaging to boost the company’s image
U-profile protecting edges
U-profile turn into a frame
U-profile make a transport box
U-profile protecting for door openings

Superb quality

Our U-profiles are made from a high-quality reusable carton board. They are delivered in Bio quality, which means they are laminated with water-soluble glue under high pressure to produce a highly stable profile element, resulting in maximum protection. It can be produced with a large variety of widths and lengths, offering a cost and time-saving custom alternative to heavy and expensive wood and other traditional hard-to-handle materials.

Additionally, we offer our customers the option of printing to brand the packaging, boosting the company’s image as environmentally friendly and highlighting the company’s concern about shipping goods with high-quality transport packaging.

Applications in different industries

The lightness, size variety, and capability to adjust to even uneven shapes make U-profile, also known as U-channel, the perfect transport packaging for doors, windows, tabletops, solar panel mounting rails,  metal- and long products as well as for many other items in different industries.

New possibilities with U-profile

Eltete Flexprofile - U-profile with punched corners


The Flex profile is a tailor-made protection with punched-out corners that allow it to be adjusted nicely to the edges of the product providing extra high protection for impacts and transport damages.

Eltete U-profile with pressing effect

Pressing effect

The U-profile with pressing effect allows an even easier application of the U-profile to products and enables a fast packaging process of many profiles simultaneously.

For even more protection against heavy impact, we also provide our U-Profiles with a honeycomb board cushioning on the inner side of the U-profile.

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