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Eltete TPM Solutions

Eltete TPM solutions are well-known in the packaging world due to their strength and high quality. Innovative and sustainable transport packaging solutions are an excellent substitute for wooden or metal packaging. This user-friendly, single-material alternative is 100 % recyclable and accepted anywhere in the world without treatments or restrictions.

By combining our different laminated carton board components, we can optimise an economical solution for each application.

Eltete pallet solutions can be designed to fit the exact needs of your transport packaging. Depending on the product, handling or destination, we can recommend different options in order to optimise strength, space, material and cost expectations. We can offer you a light, strong and 100 % recyclable solution, which needs no treatment like wood and is therefore ISPM 15-compliant.

Different quality, size and height options made for your needs.

Transport packaging solutions are a combination of different Eltete components (profiles, pallet elements, etc.). Each transported product needs proper protection during shipping, handling and storage. The ideal solution is to minimise material by choosing the exact components needed for each application. Stabilisation, stacking strength, protection and uniform weight distribution can be achieved in a practical and cost-effective way from a single material, 100% recyclable carton board.

Reduce volume – Savings in material, labour, transport and recycling.

Eltete profiles have been designed to protect any shape of product during their shipment, handling and storage. Individual sizes and quality options can be matched cost-effectively to each application. A wide range of industries is using our transport packaging products and are enjoying economical, environmental and other benefits.

Avoid transport damage by using strong and 100 % recyclable laminated carton board.

Minimise the material – Maximise your benefits

Multiple applications

Eltete honeycomb board is a 100 % recyclable carton product. Its hexagonal inner cellular structure and superior raw material provide exceptional compression strength and rigidity, which can withstand impact and high loads for “heavy duty packaging”.

This lightweight product has good cushioning properties and gives protection for transport packaging and also for a multitude of other applications. Thanks to its characteristics, the honeycomb board can easily be shaped or cut, converting it into the exact elements required for its end use.

D-Board Light (DBL) is a multimedia carton board excellent for any visual communication (VISCOM) purpose; whether in the graphic or advertising sector. It is 100% recyclable and its fibers can be recycled up to 5 times and when this is no longer feasible, they can be organically composted or transformed into energy by special incineration.

Our product development has always been inspired by customer needs. Today our customers need more sustainable packaging solutions, which are 100% recyclable. We can answer to this demand. Check out the pdf where you can find case studies of the new solutions we have created for toilet seats, compressors and rolls.

The decision to choose light and strong packaging material in e-commerce will secure deliveries, lead to satisfied end customers and a higher rate of repurchase. The handling of the ordered goods will be easy and the already reduced packaging material, 100% recyclable carton board can be dispatched to the nearest waste container without extra charges.

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