Environmental policy

Eltete TPM Ltd designs, develops and markets 100 % recyclable transport packaging products that are in compliance with all relevant environmental legislations and regulations.

We are continuously improving our machinery and methods in order to reduce energy consumption in our production processes. Our raw material is taken from renewable resources and locally available; any process waste is recycled.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products and solutions for protecting goods in storage and during transport. This prevents unnecessary financial loss through product damage and reduces the environmental impact. We also want to help our customers find the most suitable transport packaging solution, taking into account the whole packaging chain; maximum protection with minimal packaging material and subsequent recycling.

Our production network is strategically located so that distances to our customers are as short as possible. We can operate efficiently and reduce unnecessary burden on Planet Earth.

Our management and employees act in accordance with the Eltete TPM Environmental Policy and Code of Conduct. Our contractors are also required to comply with this policy.

The Eltete TPM slogan, 3Rs, supports environmentally-friendly thinking. We practise a ’reduce/replace/recycle’ approach to create best-in-class eco-friendly products.

Eltete 3R

Reduce packaging material.

Replace material with more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Recycle easily and reduce environmental footprint.

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