Profiles for protection

Eltete profiles for protection

Eltete profiles have been designed to protect any shape of product during their shipment, handling and storage. Individual sizes and quality options can be matched cost-effectively to each application. A wide range of industries is using our products and are enjoying economical, environmental and other benefits.

Avoid transport damage by using strong and 100 % recyclable laminated carton board.

Minimise the material – Maximise your benefits

Protection, stability and stacking strength

Laminated carton board gives superb protection, even against the hardest shocks. Reinforce your transport packaging with edgeboards and say goodbye to transport damage.

Edgeboard for round objects

WA-edgeboard is especially designed for rolls, round tables or other round or irregular objects. Due to its flexible strong structure it gives good protection and is still easy to handle.

Perfect ‘shock absorber’ for your products

Designed to protect surfaces from scratches and transport damage, without adding extra volume or weight to the load.

Divide and protect

Designed to replace materials like hardboard, MDF and chipboard, which are hard to recycle. Due to its strength, size and quality, flatboard is a product with endless possibilities.

Protecting the round corners

Developed as a solution for traditionally difficult round corner, these products need to be palletised and protected from shocks and strapping tension.

Stacking strength and protection for demanding conditions

Packaging Profiles are the base for Eltete FramePack®. It is an excellent single-material alternative to wooden, plastic and metal frames as well as a substitute for heavy boxes.

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