Honeycomb Board

Eltete Honeycomb Board is a 100 % recyclable carton product. This lightweight product has good cushioning properties and gives protection for transport packaging and also for a multitude of other applications. Thanks to its characteristics, the honeycomb board can easily be shaped or cut, converting it into the exact elements required for its end use. It is the ultimate packaging material alternative to unsustainable materials such as wood and expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Honeycomb Board - strongest packaging material
Motto 3R-Reduce, Replace, Recycle
Reduce your carbon emissions with sustainable packaging

100% recyclable Honeycomb Board, is the ultimate alternative to unsustainable packaging materials.

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  • Base for a carton pallet
  • Customised outer packaging
  • Product divider
  • Void filler
  • Cushioning material
  • Edge protector
  • Weight spreader
  • Side wall of a heavy duty box
  • Substitute for wood

Incredibly versatile and extremely strong!

Initially developed for the aeronautical sector, due to its great resistance, flexion, compression and lightness, the honeycomb board has become one of the strongest structural elements known in the packaging industry. The hexagonal inner cellular structure and superior raw material of Eltete Honeycomb Board, provide extraordinary compression strength and rigidity, which can withstand impact and excessive loads – perfect for “heavy-duty packaging”. 

EASY HANDLING: Its lightweight, flexion and compression make the Honeycomb Board one of the easiest packaging materials to work with. Versatile, with a special cut, it can be shaped or bent according to needs.


RECYCLABLE: Eltete Honeycomb Board is made of 100%-recyclable raw material, and is thus the ultimate substitute for expanded polystyrene (EPS) and other unsustainable material.

SAVINGS: By replacing heavy materials such as wood, you can make significant savings in road-, sea- and airfreights.

STRENGTH: In addition to being a lightweight, strong, thermal and insulating product, Eltete Honeycomb Board can be used as a shock absorber for all types of products, ensuring that goods are not damaged during transportation.

EMISSIONS: By replacing heavy materials such as wood, you can reduce emissions from transportation and reduce your carbon footprint.

Eltete Honeycomb Board has extremely strong core


Eltete Honeycomb Board with die cut



Many companies have noticed that the new environmental restrictions must be taken seriously, so these restrictions are influencing their decisions when choosing packaging materials. Eltete Honeycomb Board is suitable for many type of industries and can be used either alone or as a component, along with other Eltete solutions.It has excellent separating, stabilising and protective characteristics. Easy to use, it can be shaped or cut to convert it into the exact element required for protection and many other applications.

Honeycomb Board with other Eltete solutions

The Honeycomb Board can be combined with other Eltete packaging materials.

Honeycomb Board and PallRun®:

Carton Pallet

By attaching Eltete self-adhesive pallet feet (PallRuns®), you can assemble a 2-, or 4-way carton pallet in just a few seconds.

Honeycomb Board 20 mm
Sustainable and lightweight pallet foot with hotmelt
Eltete Carton Pallet

Honeycomb Board and FrameCut Profile: 

Pallet Lid/ Base

With the V-cut made to suit the shape of the Honeycomb Board, the pallet will stabilise, secure and protect the goods, keeping them in place.

Honeycomb Board 20 mm
FrameCut Profile by Eltete TPM
Eltete pallet lid

Honeycomb Board and Edgeboard BIO:

Side protection for pallets

The Edgeboard gives excellent strapping protection and holds goods together. It can be placed on 2 or all 4 sides of the pallet.

Honeycomb Board 20 mm
Eltete edgeboard bio kraft
Eltete pallet lid

Qualities and sizes

Eltete Honeycomb Boards are available in standard and heavy-duty qualities and a variety of thicknesses.

STANDARD: Suitable for all type of industries looking for a more sustainable way to pack their goods.

HEAVY-DUTY: Designed to give even stronger protection to withstand impact and excessive loads – perfect for heavy-duty use.

In order to find the correct strength, the Honeycomb Board is always designed and tested according to the needs and special requirements of each application.

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