Divide and protect.

Designed to replace materials like hardboard, MDF and chipboard, which are hard to recycle. Due to its strength, size and quality, flatboard is a product with endless possibilities. Flatboard is also available in rolls for possible automatic use. When many different lengths are needed, cutting from a roll minimises waste.

Motto 3R-Reduce, Replace, Recycle
Reduce your carbon emissions with sustainable packaging

How to use Flatboard

Flatboard used as separators
Self-adhesive flatboard
Flatboard as a closed package
Container flatboard
Tailor made
  • Protection for steel rolls (strapping and corrosion)
  • A spacer between delicate surfaces
  • Dividing into smaller packages
  • Side and floor protection in containers and trains
  • Separating aluminium profiles while processing
  • Attaching plastic covers “Coverfix”
  • Strengthening packages

Application in different industries

The Flatboards can be used in between very delicate laminate products to prevent scratches. It is also commonly used in containers. Uneven walls and floors in containers and trains may cause transport damage to the loaded goods. This can be avoided by using Flatboards as side and floor protection.

Flatboard inside a container protection

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