Pallet solutions

Pallet solutions

Eltete pallet solutions can be designed to fit the exact needs of your packaging. Depending on the product, handling or destination, we can recommend different options in order to optimise strength, space, material and cost expectations. We can offer you a light, strong and 100 % recyclable solution, which needs no treatment like wood and is therefore ISPM 15-compliant.

Different quality, size and height options made for your needs.

Slip Sheets (also known as transfer sheets, divider sheets, tear sheets) are made of wet-strengthened high-quality kraftliner. The multilaminated material makes the Slip Sheets extremely tear- and moisture-resistant. They can be used as a substitute for traditional pallets or as divider sheets. 

This transport and storing system is an excellent application for overseas shipments and intra-corporate deliveries. Slip Sheets are used by many different businesses for a wide range of products.

PallRun® is a 100 % recyclable cartonboard pallet foot for replacing wooden or other kind of pallet runner. Unlike wood,  no treatment is needed, which makes it ISPM 15 compliant. 

PallRuns® can be combined with different surface top boards such as honeycomb-, corrugated- or chip board. It is also possible to attach it directly to the product (box, display etc). 

A combination of edgeboards and PallRuns®, is a new 4-way pallet alternative. It can replace traditional pallets such as wooden pallets or plywood pallets and also optimises the use of material and space; you will be able to load more and get all the benefits of strong sustainable packaging. Use it with corrugated boxes, shop displays, with a top board or directly under your product.

APPA® pallet is an excellent environmentally-friendly alternative for wooden, plastic or other pallets. Due to its light weight, you will make significant savings in transport cost, both in land and airfreight. APPA® pallets are ideal for export shipments as they are ISPM-15 compliant and need no treatment as wood does.

APPA® pallets have been tested in the laboratories of Innventia, a world leader in R&D relating to pulp, paper and packaging. 

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