PallRun® is a 100 % recyclable carton board pallet foot for replacing wooden or other kinds of pallet runners. Unlike wood,  no treatment is needed, which makes it ISPM 15 compliant. 

PallRuns® can be combined with different surface top boards such as honeycomb-, corrugated- or chipboard. It is also possible to attach it directly to the product (box, display etc). 

Motto 3R-Reduce, Replace, Recycle
Reduce your carbon emissions with sustainable packaging

Easy Manual Assembly for Carton Pallets with PallRun®

Eltete pallrun® has been the strongest palletrunner in the market for over 10 years!

  • Strong solid board structure
  • Lightweight and resistant to humidity
  • Excellent self-adhesive option
  • ISPM 15-compliant
  • Different height options

Environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and versatil

PallRun® is a transport packaging element from Eltete TPM Ltd. It is a 100% recyclable carton board pallet foot for replacing wooden or other kinds of palletrunners/pallets. It is a combination of compact cartonboard (U-profiles) and stabilisation elements (cores). The PallRun® can also be provided with a self-adhesive surface for easier fastening.

  • the material and handling cost can be reduced with PallRuns®
  • recycling costs are reduced
  • they do not require fumigation or any special export certificates
  • they are free of any nails, splinters or undesirable pests
  • they have a strong solid board structure but are light in weight – huge savings in air freight!
  • the reinforced wet-strengthened kraftliner resists dragging and gives high protection against humidity.
  • used in various industrial sectors for being user-friendly, 100% recyclable and accepted anywhere in the world without treatments or restrictions
easy assembly of carton pallets

Types and quality

  • BoxRunner – They have made the handling, transportation and recycling of corrugated boxes easier, faster and more economical. The BoxRunner is light, but at the same time very strong so that it can carry heavy loads.
  • EdgeRunner® – It is a combination of bio-quality edgeboards and PallRuns® made of compact carton board (U-profiles) and stabilisation elements (cores). It can replace traditional pallets such as wooden pallets or plywood pallets. Reducing your packaging material will make recycling easier.
  • FlatRunner – Self-adhesive FlatRunner can easily be placed under any product, box or a display. You can now replace your traditional pallet and start using less material with a strong alternative pallet solution.
Pallrun pallet runner self-adhesive
Edgerunner - pallet runner self-adhesive
Flatrunner - pallet runner self-adhesive

Applications in different industries

It is possible to use PallRuns® in many different ways wherever there is a need for palletising in a modern way. They suit all existing methods of palletising and transport packaging. Their unique structure and the raw material used give excellent water resistance and strength to support heavy loads. In order to find the correct strength, the pallet feet are always designed and tested according to the needs and special requirements of each application. The PallRun® can be combined with different surfaces such as corrugated board, honeycomb board, shop displays or they can even be attached directly to the product.

Independent laboratory tests have demonstrated that, in a static compression test, a normal-size pallet with Eltete PallRuns® could take a load of 10 tonnes with no failure.

Announcement about Air Cargo Runner and PallRun®-pallet runner product design protected under RCD No. 96102-0005

“The shape of the Air Cargo Runner and PallRun®-pallet runner products are protected, since October 23, 2003, in the whole territory of the European Union by a Community Design registered under RCD No. 96102-0005 on behalf of ELTETE TPM Ltd. By court order the manufacture and sale of products with the same overall impression is forbidden. Genuine Air Cargo Runner and PallRun®-pallet runner products are only made with pallet runner machine lines designed and produced by ELTETE TPM Ltd. Manufacture and sale of this unique product in the EU is permitted only under ELTETE TPM Ltd license.”

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