APPA® Carton Pallet​

Eltete cardboard pallets can be designed to fit the exact needs of your packaging. Depending on the product, handling, or destination, we can recommend different options in order to optimise strength, space, material, and cost expectations.

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Standard sizes and strength

The secret of the strength of Eltete carton pallets lies in the pallet feet. Eltete PallRun® is a combination of strong laminated U-profiles with kraftliner surface + paper cores. This unique product provides unbeatable strength and humidity resistance which cannot be found in other carton pallet solutions. We can provide you with the exact size of pallet you need in order to make your transportation effective, in terms of both space and price. Different size and height options provide this advantage.
  • Lightweight: 3 – 6kg (carton pallet) vs 15 – 25kg (wooden pallet)
  • Less weight, savings in transportation like airfreight
  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Resistant to side impact and dragging
  • ISPM-15 compliant
  • Accepted anywhere in the world without restrictions

Applications in different industries

The advantages that the carton pallet brings to the industries are diverse either for being a hygienic pallet and therefore does not need any fumigation and is accepted everywhere in the world, or for being a lightweight pallet but strong and resistant to water, bringing a significant savings in the cost of transport. The typical end users of cardboard pallets are the food industry, pharmaceutical, export companies and in-state displays.

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Paper industry


Pharmaceutical industry


Electronics industry


Food industry

Easy Manual Assembly for Carton Pallets

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Leading independent laboratories have tested our carton pallets in different conditions and the results show up to 10 000 kgs of static compression strength on a 4-way pallet without failure.

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