Why heavy goods don’t (always) need heavy packaging

It is often assumed that heavy, bulky goods require heavy packaging for safe transportation. It doesn’t necessarily need to be this way. 

When it comes to packaging for transporting heavy goods for domestic or export shipments, the goal is not to use heavy packaging, but to use efficient packaging, designed with excellent cushioning and structural strength to protect the goods during handling, loading, and transit while minimizing unnecessary weight.

What happens when you use heavy transport packaging

There are many reasons why your goods don’t necessarily need heavy packaging for domestic or export shipments. Here are a few:

#1 Cost

To begin with, the more weight we add to a shipment, the more freight costs increase. Strong and protective packaging that is lightweight can help reduce transportation costs.

#2 Environmental impact

Heavy packaging carbon footprint can contribute to a higher carbon footprint because it requires more energy to manufacture and transport. By using lightweight but resistant packaging materials you will significantly reduce the environmental impact.

#3 Handling

Although heavy goods require robust packaging, the focus is not on the weight of the packaging, but on its structural strength and cushioning. Heavy packaging can be difficult to handle and can increase the risk of accidents or injuries during handling.

#4  Storage space

Large, heavy packages can take up a lot of space to store, which results in inefficiency and higher warehouse costs. Intelligently designed packaging will make better use of storage space.

#5 Customer experience

The customers. Heavy packaging can be inconvenient for customers to handle. Lightweight packaging is user-friendly, and will save time during handling.

How to choose an efficient heavy-duty transport packaging

So, what type of packaging to choose to transport heavy or light goods? To make sure that the transport or export packaging you choose has the necessary features to play its role successfully with minimal environmental impact, you can use the following strategies:

Opt for strong but lightweight materials such as cardboard and honeycomb board

Choose packaging that can have its cushioning and strength adjusted to suit your needs

Opt for 100% recyclable packaging for minimal impact on the environment

Opt for sustainably designed transport packaging (read more)

Choose packaging that has been tested to withstand the rigors of handling and transportation

Eltete cardboard heavy-duty box

For a long time, Eltete has been developing The BOX as an excellent, strong, lightweight, and sustainable transport packaging solution as an alternative to traditional ones, for both domestic and export shipments.

The box kit_transport packaging
The box opening_transport packaging
cardboard export packaging solution

All its 3 components can be adjusted to different strength grades and categories:

Packaging Profiles: Excellent stacking strength.

Honeycomb Board: Exceptional cushioning – Withstands impact and high loads.

Framecut profiles: Superb protection – Suits the shape of the lid and bottom.

The BOX is 100% recyclable,  designed to transport fragile or heavy goods safely through the logistic chain, taking into consideration the environment from beginning to end.


Its EUR size weighs only 10 kg while traditional wood or plywood weighs approx. 30 to 60 kg


It can be strengthened according to need and produced with up to 2700 mm length


It has lower production carbon emissions than traditional materials – up to 94% less CO2 


The cardboard BOX takes less than a minute to assemble and requires no tools in the process.


When it comes to sustainable alternatives for heavy metal, wooden, plywood crates, and other conventional boxes, the cardboard box takes the top spot. It is a cost-efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly option that can help reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Handling process ease with lightweight transport packaging material
Eltete the BOX packed in kits in a warehouse
strong cardboard box testing

Eltete’s solutions follow the motto 3R – Reduce, Replace, Recycle.

Reduce packaging materials.

Replace unsustainable packaging materials.

Recycle your packaging material with ease.

Reduce replace recycle packaging materials

Eltete TPM and Packprofil have been innovating the cardboard packaging industry for over 100 years, helping customers operate in a more sustainable manner.


Contact us today for a free quote. Our experts will be happy to help you. 

Eltete TPM-Product circle-reduce replace recycle

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