Eltete and Packprofil. Over 100 years of innovating the world of cardboard packaging

Packprofil in a short but in-depth view

The Beginning.

The history of Packprofil started in the winter of 1903. The heavy wet snowfalls caused the trees to be seriously damaged and due to the large amount of wood, a decision was made: to build a carton factory in Kolonowskie, Poland.

In the beginning, just a few years after the cardboard production plant was built, the estimated production capacity was 20 tons of cardboard. Over the years, after surviving the Second World War, other conflicts, global economic crises, an epidemic, and competitors, the company managed to increase the estimated capacity to up to 90 tons/day, with a forecast of 100 tons soon.

Packprofil member of Eltete Group

The Present.

With over 100 years of history, Packprofil keeps growing stronger. The company counts on its own cardboard production and more than 19 production lines to produce cardboard tubes and transport packaging materials, such as Edgeboards, PallRuns®, U-Profile, Flatboard, and The BOX.

Packprofil factory of cardboard and transport packaging

The company also has a huge social responsibility. By employing almost 300 staff, who often take on the job followed by their grandparents, parents, and finally their children, the company guarantees the means of support of an entire family.

The Future.

With a continuous focus on sustainability, efficiency, and quality, Packprofil is currently investing in:


  • energy and heat recovery. This new investment in paperboard processing will save a lot of process heat, which will be recycled in heat recovery, increasing production by approximately 15% and enabling a higher quality grade of recycled paperboard.
  • in a 1 MW photovoltaic solar cell plant that will cover 30 to 33% of its energy consumption.
Packprofil investing in reduce waste and improve quality and efficiency
Packprofil investing in energy efficiency

Packprofil and Eltete Group

The collaboration between two major brands, Eltete and Packprofil,  has been in existence for over 30 years. Prior to the acquisition, Eltete owned 45% of Packprofil’s shares and later completed the acquisition process in 2018.

The acquisition was beneficial to both companies, as Packprofil was looking to diversify its production and advance in the field of transport packaging, while Eltete was seeking a strong foothold in Central Europe. With decades of experience, similar values, and a mission with sustainability, the acquisition was a logical step for both companies.

Together, Eltete and Packprofil, are more than ever well-equipped to meet the rising demand for sustainable alternatives in transport packaging, wherever goods need to be transported with minimal impact on the environment.

Celebrating the integration of Packprofil employees

Every year Packprofil celebrates the integration of its members with a big party that extends to their families.

This year, Eltete’s team from Finland, Germany, and Italy had the honor of joining the Packprofil team.

During this trip, we participated in in-depth discussions regarding the development of 100% recyclable products, analyzed case studies to gain a deeper understanding of market and customer needs, and discussed plans to strengthen and refine our operations in 2024.

And of course, after all being said, discussed, and planned, we celebrated with a big party!


Eltete and Packprofil.
100+ years of innovating the packaging world with cardboard

Eltete TPM-Product circle-reduce replace recycle

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