Tree planting starts the Eltete 50th anniversary celebrations

Taking into consideration the sustainable responsibility of the Group and aligned with its values, the beginning of the celebrations is marked by the planting of 50 trees for the group’s 50th anniversary.

Planting trees is an engaging and environmentally friendly activity that people can participate in to make the planet a better place, and a key sustainable action in the fight against climate change. Some environmental and social benefits of planting trees:

Loviisa, the town where Eltete’s story began, is known for its wooden construction, environmental friendliness, and community spirit, and these qualities made it chosen to host the annual housing fair in Finland in 2023.

Thinking of contributing to the environment preservation and development of the city, as well as leaving our mark for future generations, we chose to donate and plant the trees on Kuningattarenranta, the area for the housing fair intended for the construction of new homes, and beautiful tree-lined parks.

Eltete and Asuntomessu Loviisa
Kuningattarenranta, Loviisa

Trees bringing people together

The tree-planting event was attended by our employees and Mona Bäckman, the Urban Gardener in charge of maintaining Loviisa’s green infrastructure.

The day was rainy, which made it more fun and perfect for action since the trees would be watered naturally. The tree type selected was oak and carefully, one by one, the trees were planted in specific spots previously marked by Mona Bäckman.

It is part of our goal to encourage employees to do more eco-friendly activities. Engaging the employees in tree planting undoubtedly boosts moods, a sense of belonging, and builds a happier and more productive company environment. Employees are also more likely to be proud of their accomplishments if they’re impacting the larger world rather than if they feel as though their contributions don’t go beyond their office walls.

"Trees and forests are important both locally and globally, for people and animals, for biodiversity and the climate. With this action, you are doing more than just donating and planting trees."
Mona Bäckman
Mona Bäckman
Loviisa's Urban Gardener

This symbolic gesture of planting 50 trees, represents our years of operations, all the effort, focus, and commitment to do our part in fighting climate change, and also a reminder to corporates and individuals that we need to do everything we can, not only for a healthy planet but also for human dignity to be safeguarded in a healthy planet.

Together we make history

Eltete Group is divided into three operating segments: transport packaging, building materials, and laminated board production. The Group story began in 1972 when the Österman family moved to Loviisa, Finland, and started its first laminated paperboard production by manufacturing paper cores.

At the same time, the foundations were laid for Eltete Ltd’s production of high-pressure laminated boards for sanitary partition walls and various other usages e.g., furniture, which became part of the company’s product range.

That same year, upon observing that the expanding economy was not in balance with the available natural resources, open-mindedness and innovation gave rise to a remarkable business idea to find new material solutions to protect the future environment.

Since then, the development of paperboard processing has led to producing of laminated carton-based transport packaging and building materials, which have become the main products of the company business. They meet the needs of sustainable development, which has provided the best basis for the company’s growth.

Today, the range of products and solutions provided by Eltete Group is offered to numerous types of industries worldwide thanks to its extensive production and sales network.

At Eltete, we are proud of the line of work developed from the beginning back in 1972. On the road till this milestone, you – customers, partners, employees – have been an essential part. Thank you.

Eltete 50

3R, Reduce, Replace, Recycle

Through our motto 3R – Reduce, Replace, Recycle, we have helped companies to reduce materials, and replace non-sustainable materials, such as plastic, wood, metal, and EPS, with environmentally friendly alternatives that are lightweight and easy to recycle or reuse at the end of their life cycle, consequently reducing significantly carbon emissions.

Reduce replace recycle packaging materials

There is more room for companies that aim to create eco-friendly products, and implement sustainable measures and solutions in their operations to contribute to the health of our planet. Join us for sustainable change. 

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