Consumer goods

Products that we consume on daily bases (cleaning products, toothbrush, glassware, electronics) often come to shops through distribution centers, some of them are also exported overseas. In these cases, Slip Sheets offer our customers the best cost effective palletless way of transporting their goods. They can maximize the amount of goods that fit in a truck or a container. Economic benefits are huge as you can see in the calculation below, let us calculate your savings and tell you more about other benefits.

Logistic companies who are exporting and packing good on behalf their customers often prefer Slip Sheets instead of wooden pallets. We also see more demand in this sector.

Eltete Slip sheet - palletless handling

Case study

Comparison of Cost for a company exporting 1 container per week.

Eltete reference

Compare: Comparison of Cost for a company exporting 10 containers per week.

Eltete reference

You can ship almost any type of product with Slip Sheets (boxes, bottles, big bags, sacs, etc.)

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